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Free Online Educational Resources (updated 11 June 2007)



(latest editions at the bottom of the page)





MIT World >> : Video Index - MIT World is a free, open streaming media web site of the most significant public events at MIT. It features the most recent speakers and guests from across the campus and around the world. It is a project of the Professional Education Programs at MIT's School of Engineering.


MIT Open Course Ware >> : Video and Audio Index - A key MIT OCW audience is educators, and for them, we are hoping that by providing the syllabus, reading lists and lecture notes, we are offering a chance for them to jumpstart their own pedagogy and improve the way they teach their chosen discipline.


MIT Open Course Ware >> : Master Course List - a list of courses available through MIT's Open Course Ware initiative. Links to syllabi, lecture notes, reading lists, etc.


London School of Economics >> : Public Lectures and Transcripts - Lecture transcripts from a range of speakers and invited lecturers.


Carnegie Mellon University >> : Open Learning Initiative - A collection of "cognitively informed," openly available and free online courses and course materials that enact instruction for an entire course in an online format.


Connexions >> : Content Commons - Contains "knowledge chunks" (modules) and courses; Connexions is also an environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web.


Princeton University >> : Web Media Lectures - A collection of streaming media files captured from a wide range of invited guests and lecturers.


Research Channel >> : Series Titles - The Research Channel is a consortium of research universities and corporate research divisions dedicated to broadening the access to and appreciation of our individual and collective activities, ideas, and opportunities in basic and applied research.


The Vega Science Trust >> : Freeview Video on the Web - The Vega Science Trust aims to create a broadcast platform for the science, engineering and technology (SET) communities, so enabling them to communicate on all aspects of their fields of expertise using the exciting new TV and Internet opportunities.


The Carter-Jenkins Center >> : Index of Lecture Categories - Based on psychoanalytic concepts, The Center brings to the community valuable insights into the many dimensions of human development, relationships and emotion.


Action Bioscience.org >> : Articles, Lessons & Resources - a non-commercial, educational web site created to promote bioscience literacy.


California State University - ALERT >> : Teaching Modules - a collection of teaching modules that focus on earth science.


Math Archives >> : Lessons, Tutorials & Lecture Notes - Teaching materials, software, WWW links organized by Mathematical Topics. Searchable database.


Directory of Open Access Journals >> : Index of Scientific and Scholarly Journals - This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. We aim to cover all subjects and languages. There are now 2061 journals in the directory. Currently 509 journals are searchable at article level. As of today 83356 articles are included in the DOAJ service.


arXiv.org >> : e-Print Archive - Open access to 357,653 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Quantitative Biology.


Textbook Revolution >> : Textbooks and Educational Tools - This site was developed in response to the textbook industry’s constant drive to maximize profits instead of educational value.


Edge Video Index >> : Philosophical, Artistic and Literary Discussions - The mandate of Edge Foundation is to promote inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society.


Mediasite.com >> : Index of Expert Presentations - Mediasite.com is a search tool that helps you find expert presentations and lectures. Search by topic or submit a link to a presentation and share your expertise with the world.


Stanford University >> : Podcast Index - a collection of podcast lectures available from faculty and lecturers.


The Stingy Scholar >> : Educational Resource Blog - How to learn for free on the web. In collaboration with textbookrevolution.org


Merlot >> : Learning Object Repository Index - MERLOT is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected here along with annotations such as peer reviews and assignments. You are welcome to browse the collection or search for materials. Members may add materials, comments and assignments to MERLOT. Membership is free.


University of California - Berkeley >> : Courses & Events Live and On-demand - Site includes recent webcast archives and live links right on the homepage, and archive listings that you can sort by date. Live and on-demand webcasts of prominent speakers that make their way through Cal.


Indiana University >> : Worldwide Internet Music Resources - links to many music resources on the web.


Carson Workshops Summit >> : The Future of Web Apps - a collection of podcasts from a host of Web 2.0 developers.


Annenberg Media - Learner.org >> : Teacher Professional Development Programing - covers topics for K-16 educators.


Modern Scholar >> : Recorded Books - a series of recorded, easy to understand, high-interest, college-level courses by the great professors who teach at top colleges and universities.


Book Notes >> : Transcripts - a companion website to C-SPAN's Author Interview Series.


Talking History >> : Aural History Productions - based at the University at Albany, State University of New York, Talking History is a production, distribution, and instructional center for all forms of "aural" history. Their mission is to provide teachers, students, researchers and the general public with as broad and outstanding a collection of audio documentaries, speeches, debates, oral histories, conference sessions, commentaries, archival audio sources, and other aural history resources.


Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley >> : Conversations with History - In these unedited video interviews, distinguished men and women from all over the world talk about their lives and their work. Guests include diplomats, statesmen, and soldiers; economists and political analysts; scientists and historians; writers and foreign correspondents; activists and artists. The interviews span the globe and include discussion of political, economic, military, legal, cultural, and social issues shaping our world. At the heart of each interview is a focus on individuals and ideas that make a difference.


BBC Radio 4 >> : In Our Time - provides in depth articles and multimedia features, from ancient history to recent times.


Purdue University >> : Boilercast - a collection of classroom audio files from a variety of courses.


University of Wisconsin - Madison >> : Havens Center for the Study of Social Structure and Social Change - a collection of audio recordings for a host of scholars and lecturers.


Columbia University >> : Fathom Online Learning Source - This archive offers access to the complete range of free content developed for Fathom by its member institutions. Columbia encourages you to browse this archive of online learning resources, including lectures, articles, interviews, exhibits and free seminars.


Ohio University >> : Wired for Books - For many years, most of the best writers of the English language found their way to Don Swaim's CBS Radio studio in New York. The one-on-one interviews typically lasted 30 to 45 minutes and then had to be edited down to a two-minute radio show. Wired for Books is proud to make these important oral documents publicly available for the first time in their entirety.


Georgia State University >> : Hyperphysics - This website explains and illustrates physics. It is provided as free and open learning content by Georgia State University, is used worldwide, and is visited about 3 million times a year.


Colby College >> : Chemistry Animations - This site lists 16 tutoring animations for organic chemistry. Basic chemical ideas bounce around these pages.


Educational Freeware >> : K-12 Focus - This site is dedicated to listings, descriptions and reviews of educational freeware and shareware, both web based and downloadable.


America Dreams >> : Lesson, Learning Page - This Web Quest challenges you to investigate the American Dream ...look through the eyes of those who lived before us ...use the American Memory collections, The Library of Congress, to visit America's past ...learn research skills and experience the richness of the library collections ...defend your ideas, create products that show your understanding of others' dreams ...then share your dream for America's future.


American Life Histories >> : Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940 - This Library of Congress American Memory section presents 2,900 life histories from 300 writers from 24 states. These histories describe individuals' families, incomes, occupations, political views, religions, diets, and observations.)


Do You Speak American? >> : Grammar - This companion website for a film takes us cross-country to examine the dynamic state of American English and asks: Why do Maine lobstermen and Texas cowboys speak English so differently? How many varieties of American English are there? Is TV making us all sound the same? Topics include 100 common mispronunciations, how language is changing, local color in American literature, and regional writers. (MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)


Peace Corp >> : Narrative vs. Expository Texts >> - This site is written for students with limited English language skills, and uses the vignettes from Peace Corps Volunteers to compare and contrast expository and narrative texts. Students then go on to write essays of both types.


U. S. Library of Congress >> : 1900 America: Historical Voices, Poetic Visions—Lesson, Learning Page - This is a lesson plan in which students create their own multi-media epic poems about the year 1900. Walt Whitman’s "Song of Myself" and Hart Crane’s "The Bridge" serve as artistic models for students, who also draw on life histories, sound recordings, and other primary resources.


U.S. Library of Congress >> : Artifact Road Show—Lesson, Learning Page - This outlines a staff development workshop and offers lessons designed to help students put historical events in context and see them as a part of a larger story. Use of primary resources is the focus—where to find them, what they are, how to examine them, and how to "construct the context" to tell the whole story.


Public Broadcasting System >> : Between the Lions - This site is based on the PBS children's TV series, and presents a new story each week with related interactive games and activities for kids 4-7. It also recommends books for each episode and offers more than 300 tips and resources for helping kids learn to read.


National Institute for Literacy >> : A Child Becomes a Reader - This site tells what parents can do to help children (ages 0-4 and 5-8) become readers. It includes suggestions about what to look for in day care centers and preschools, and a summary of scientific research on how children learn to read and write.


U.S. Library of Congress >> : America at the Centennial—Lesson, Learning Page - This site uses images and texts from the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876 to help students learn what the Exposition said about America at that time. Students work as historians using primary sources to create museum exhibits on issues of the Centennial Era.


University of Michigan School of Education >> : Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (CIERA) - This site generates and disseminates theoretical, empirical, and practical solutions to persistent problems in the learning and teaching of beginning reading.


Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory >> : LEARNS - This offers literacy training activities for tutors and mentors, a literacy assessment profile, and information for volunteer programs that help children in primary grades improve their reading. Its winter 2002 newsletter, "The Tutor," looks at the five skills identified by the National Reading Panel as key to literacy development during kindergarten to third grade.


Artnatomy is an amazing fine art educational site about the "anatomical and biomechanical foundation of facial expression morphology." The Flash interface enables you to visually explore how the movements of specific muscles contort our faces into emotional expressions. The site was designed by artist Victoria Contreras Flores with text by morphologic anatomy professor Carlos Plasencia Climent.


Writing Sample Analyzer >> : by Obsidian Studios. This writing sample analyzer takes a sample of your writing and then calculates the number of sentences, words, and characters in your sample. As it's calculating these statistics it makes estimates as to how many syllables are present in each word. Using these numbers, it then calculates the Flesch Reading Ease, Fog Scale Level, and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, which are three of the most common readability algorithms. Simply supply a sample of your writing up to 5,000 characters and then click "Analyze."


Speak & Spell >> : Texas Instruments -- Emulator for the good ol' Texas Instrument Speak & Spell toy.


Biomotion >> : Biomotion Lab -- Shows you a wire-frame animation of how people walk. You can control the gender, weight, mood etc.


University of Toronto >> : Flash Animations for Physics -- Illustrates various concepts of physics using Flash-based animation. Categories includes classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, chaos, quantum mechanics, relativity etc. Flash required.


World Wildlife Fund >> : Wild Finder -- A map-driven, searchable database of more than 26,000 species worldwide, with a search tool that allows users to discover where species live or explore wild places to find out what species live there. Containing information on birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, Wild Finder is a valuable resource for scientists, students, educators, travelers, birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.


National Geographic >> : Xpeditions -- Contains lesson plans, activities, and maps offering literally hundreds of adventures.


English as a Second Language (ESL) >> : Activities -- Quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams and other computer-assisted language learning activities for people studying English.


Math, Physics, and Engineering >> : Java Applications -- Applets that help visualize various concepts in math, physics, and engineering, including oscillations and waves, acoustics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics etc.


QuickMath >> : Automated Mathematic Solutions -- A free, automated service for answering common math problems over the internet. Think of it as an online calculator that solves equations and does all sorts of algebra and calculus problems. Powered by Mathmatica.


Periodic Chart >> : Chemistry -- Chart of all chemical elements. Each element contains a link to a page that explains its chemical properties, earth effects, environmental effects, application data, an image and also information of its history/inventor.


WWW-Calc >> : Scientific Calculator -- Equation-oriented scientific calculator with derivative taking capabilities.


UNESCO >> : Free & Open Source Software -- A portal linked to free and open resources including communication tools, courseware tools, server software, development tools, a digital library, operating systems, productivity tools, science and education applications, and virtual laboratories.


HistoryShots >> : History-related informational graphics -- Informational graphics that tell stories about subjects, time periods and events. Our purpose is to inform and entertain you with intense content embedded in an elegant design.


Center for Educational Resources >> : Timeline Generator -- This tool allows individuals without multimedia development skills to create an interactive timeline for teaching or presentation purposes that can be published on the World Wide Web or displayed directly from a computer. The interface can display up to six simultaneous timelines to compare and contrast various "events" with descriptive text and digital images. Works on both Mac and PC machines.


Education Podcast Network >> : Podcasts for Educators -- Most of the producers of these programs are educators, who have found an avenue through which they can share their knowledge, insights, and passions for teaching and learning and for the stories that they relish and teach. The directory will grow as more people come forward with their stories and ideas.


Teachers Network >> : Teacher Resources -- Based in New York, the Teachers Network is an alliance of education professionals dedicated to disseminating best-practices throughout the world of public school education. On the homepage, visitors can click through a selection of lesson plans, essays by current teachers on their own experiences, and also read a list of grants available to those working in a number of disciplines, including social studies, language arts, and the sciences. The “How To” area is one that will be most helpful to new teachers, as it provides resources on managing a classroom, working with students’ families, and teaching literacy. The lesson plans area includes a nice search feature which allows users to search by subject and grade level, along with offering them the option to view the most popular teacher-createdlesson plans.


Project Gutenberg >> : eBooks -- Over 17,000 texts to download at no cost. Audio ebooks, CD-ROM's, DVD's. Mostly classics.


Chinesepod >> : Mandarin Language Learning -- An on-demand training product that enables users to learn Chinese on their terms - when are where is most convenient for them. Free daily podcasts The PDF transcripts allow you to practice what you heard with a teacher, friend or colleague. (mostly-free)


Audio Books for Free >> : Audio Books -- Free audio books. Subscription service delivers higher quality audio files. A poor interface but lots to browse.


Ubu Web >> : Avant Garde Arts -- A completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts. All materials on Ubu Web are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to the author(s).


Educator's Reference Desk >> : Resource Guides -- This site builds on over a quarter century of experience providing resources and services to the education community. 2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses.


Stanford University's High Wire Press >> : Article Repository -- This site hosts the largest repository of free, full-text, peer-reviewed content, with 926 journals and 1,335,546 free, full-text articles online. With our partner publishers we produce 73 of the 200 most-frequently-cited journals.


Lund University Library >> : Directory of Open Access Journals -- This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. Their aim is to cover all subjects and languages. There are now 2158 journals in the directory. Currently 595 journals are searchable at article level. As of today 92767 articles are included in the DOAJ service.


Typedrawing >> : Visual Word Play -- This piece of software can be used to communicate and represent one's mind and thought through the Internet. Why we have to type words in the same way such as typing from left to right? That is typical and easy to recognize but not interesting. Typedrawing is an easy and exquisite way of showing one's words. You can say anything with your letters by drawing them. It's just a easy and funny thing.


Poetry Archive >> : Poetry -- The Poetry Archive is an online collection of recordings of poets reading their work. You can enjoy listening here, free of charge, to the voices of contemporary English-language poets and of poets from the past.


Knuckles in China Land >> : Japanese Language Tutorial -- Knuckles in China Land is a Learn Japanese Game combined with a console-style RPG (Role-Playing Game). It is designed to make certain aspects of Japanese, German, and Indonesian language-learning a bit more enjoyable.(download)


HP Online Classes >> : Learning Center -- Online introductory classes offered 24/7/365 covering topics such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Linux, How to build a website and more.


Hey Math! >> : Elementary Mathematics -- Hey Math! is an e-learning system that supports the work of teachers in teaching and assessment, whilst helping students in Grades 5 - 12 (Ages 10+) build a strong foundation in Math and become independent learners.


Science Toys -- Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles.


G.E. - Imagination Cubed >> : Sketch Pad -- An online tool for sketching and sharing ideas, drawings, brainstorming.


The Brain >> : Videos -- Educational videos on the human brain - how it works, breaks down, illnesses, etc.


Computer Science Teachers Association >> : Computer Science Curriculum -- IBM and CSTA have worked together to develop new high school computer science curriculum resources. Their goal is to support high school computer science education by providing teacher-developed resources that promote teaching and learning, and engage students in ways that will encourage them to acquire the skills they need to compete in the global marketplace. All of the resources adhere to the standards defined in the ACM Model Curriculum for K-12 Computer Science.


Balanced Assessment >> : Mathematics Assessment Tasks -- Offers over 300 mathematics assessment tasks for grades K-12. (The Concord Consortium, supported by National Science Foundation).


Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education >> : Science and Mathematics -- Provides inquiry-based activities and collaborative projects in science and math. (CIESE, supported by Department of Education).


Central Operations of Resources for Educators (CORE) >> : Science and Mathematics -- More than 200 aeronautics and space programs chronicling NASA's state-of-the-art research and technology efforts. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).


CESAME Support Site for Invesitgations >> : Mathematics K-5 -- A comprehensive K-5 mathematics curriculum project which supports teachers who are implementing investigations in number, data and space in their classrooms.


Classroom Compass >> : Science and Mathematics -- A collection of activities and resources for teachers to improve instruction in science and mathematics.


Create a Graph -- This online tool can be used to make 4 kinds of charts and graphs: bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, and pie charts.


National Science Foundation >> : Directorate for Education and Human Resources -- Resources include publications, programs, and outreach activities for all educational levels.


Learning Point >> : Exemplary Mathematics & Science Projects -- This online resource of projects in mathematics, science, inquiry, engaged learning, and using technology in the classroom is suitable for teachers, students, education classes, education professors, and curriculum committees.


Games That Empower >> : Project for Playful Learning -- This is a Superuser project using games for seriously engaging and embracing the players with experiences that challenge their natural curiousity, desire to improve outcomes and facilitate life long cognitive conflict. Game types listed include: 2D and 3D Massively Multiplay Online Roleplaying, Educational, First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy, Simulation, Arcade, Puzzle and Board games. Most multiplayer games are playable online or on a computer network.


The Teacher's Cafe >> : Free printable multiplication & division worksheets. Free lessons, online activities, worksheets, lessons & assessments in all subjects.


Free Online Education Links >> : Massive Resource List for Autodidacts - Assortment of college courses, online references, podcasts, lectures, videos -- the whole shootin' match.


CNET Online Classes >> : Assortment of free online courses that range from game building, car safety, home theatre basics and much more.






A Metafilter post on 25 February 2006 by foraneagle2 provided an outstanding list of free online learning resources. I have captured this list, added more links and annotated them the best I could. More links are added as I find them. Enjoy!





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