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My aim is to agitate and disturb people. I’m not selling bread, I’m selling yeast.

-Miguel de Unamuno, writer and philosopher (1864-1936)



Main features:


Teaching & Learning With Technology Brown Bag Session: WhatsaWiki?

An introduction to the educational uses of an online collaboration tool known as a wiki.




An introduction to social software and its use in teaching and learning environments.




Other Goodies:



ReSources -- Screencasts for Educators, Podcasts, Feeds, Wikis, Links


CollaborativeBlogging -- Some brief thoughts on using weblogs collaboratively


InstructionalOrganizations -- a course workspace for Instructional Organization of Schools: Strategies and Outcomes


FreeOnlineEducationalSites -- a list of free online educational resources including video links, podcasts, syllabi, textbooks, etc.


Web 2.0 ClearingHouse -- all things Web 2.0


LearningTheories -- an aggregation of knowledge, learning, and cognition theories


Learning Communities -- research on learning communities

                    Social Network Summaries

                    Analyzing Social Networks


Library Talk -- notes from the UF Library 2.0 Meeting 07 February 2008




EDE 6931: Teacher Learning & Professional Development -- CourseSyllabus




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