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EDE 6931 -- Teacher Learning and Professional Development Fall 2006

Important Notes

Quality of Writing

All students must demonstrate competence in writing. Ability to write will be a part of the assessment.


Please do your assignments carefully and on time. If you are having difficulty meeting assignment time lines, please contact the instructor prior to the due date.

* Papers submitted late will not receive a grade higher than "C," although a note is made of the quality.

* Papers receiving less than a passing grade may be rewritten and resubmitted so that the assignment is satisfactorily completed.

* Poorly written and/or carelessly proofread papers are sometimes returned ungraded until spelling, punctuation, or mechanical errors are corrected. Such papers ordinarily receive a grade of "C" or lower.

Instructional Modifications

Students with disabilities, who need reasonable modifications to complete tasks successfully and otherwise satisfy course criteria, are encouraged to meet with the instructor as early in the course as possible and to identify and plan specific accommodations. Student will be asked to supply a letter from the Office for Students with Disabilities to assist in planning modifications.

Student Conduct Code

The University of Florida has a student conduct code that states that all work that you submit is your own work. In collaborative tasks you must participate equally with other members of the group. By signing up for this course and reading this syllabus you agree to the University of Florida Student Code. You promise not to cheat or plagiarize and to inform the instructor if you become aware of dishonest behavior on the part of other students in the class. Failure to comply with the academic honesty guidelines 6C1-4.017, F.A.C. is a violation of the University of Florida Student Conduct Code and may result in expulsion or any lesser sanction. In this class be especially careful that you do not plagiarize by copying work from the Internet without properly crediting its source.



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