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Library Talk

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Library Talk Library 2.0 Meeting 07 February 2008



Library as service to UF or as service to global village?


What does the Internet afford us?


  • Search -- browse


  • View and Aggregate Information -- personal/professional/business/leisure


  • Audio: Lectures, Music, News


  • Video: Television/Movies--professional/ameteur


  • Social Software -- The Read/Write Web


  • Interaction/Participation with the Public



Developing broader Networks to support our ability to make choices




This is your Web audience.





What services does a library provide? To whom?


How is your audience using the Web?




What are examples of highly interactive Public sites?


Amazon, YouTube, ESPN, Boing Boing


Great action research opportunity -- how do library users use/engage the Web?

The Value of Social-Networking Sites for Libriarans





Given Social Software affordances...


How close should the library be to its audience?

What roles should the library play?

What questions should we be asking?





Examples of Libraries using Social Software


Professional Development


    Librarian Weblog: Hey Jude, Library Clips


Library Staff as audience: Community of Practice


Library as learning provider: How to use social software


    Second Life: A Quick Guide to Second Life for Librarians 


Librarian Tools by Google





Interface and Design Examples:


Home page design: Library Spot






Online Library Services


Wired News: Do you still need a library card?








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