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EDE 6931 -- Teacher Learning and Professional Development Fall 2006

Literature Review & Template

Describing Search Technique for a Literature Review (An Example)


The literature for this review comes from a search of three databases: Academic Search Premier, ERIC, and Wilson Education Full Text. Originally, the literature search focused on the broad topic of data/assessment-driven instruction. Search terms included: data driven instruction, instructional decision making, continuous improvement, organizational learning, professional development, inquiry, assessment data, instructional planning, and high stakes testing. When appropriate, these terms were searched in combination with the terms assessment, data, planning, school administration, and decision-making to make the search more specific to the topic. Often it was difficult to find many hits because this concept emerges from a variety of disciplines, is referred to differently within these disciplines, and often focuses on conceptual rather than empirical literature. All the literature selected for this review consisted of empirical studies, eliminating all conceptual or descriptive pieces. In order to focus this literature review, the search was narrowed to include literature only related to school culture and using assessment data. The refocused search terms included: school culture, collaboration, school climate, and organizational structures. Empirical articles from the original search were removed if they did not relate to school culture. As articles were found, a hand search through the reference lists was used to locate other viable sources.


A total of 14 empirical articles related to school culture and the use of assessment data were identified. Table 1 contains a list of this research along with a summary of the participants, research methodology, and findings. This review of the literature will first identify elements of school culture that influence the response to and use of assessment data and then more specifically describe the structures within these cultures that inhibit or support using data. This paper will conclude by discussing the implications of how school culture can influence the use of assessment data.


Literature Review Template



Not Search Technique:

Attach Copy of Article:

Research Purposes/Questions:

Theoretical Orientation/Framework:

Data Collection Methods and Sampling:

Data Analysis Methods:


Other Comments:



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